''We are driven by a burning desire for a meaningful life in all its aspects''


Conservative manually managed strategy with a target of 12 % p.a.

Intensive training to build the right habits and skills to successfully master trading.

A dynamic alternative to the ¥€$ Strategy with a target of 36 % p.a. 

An alternative fund that manages assets with a fixed valuation. It is not intended for the public.

Sub-limit bond issue for company development with a fixed yield of 8.3% p.a.


''We believe that our great passion for creating unique and simple solutions that benefit the whole society is a guarantee of long-term success.''

  • We are a modern and innovative company with a huge passion and love for what we do.

  • We are actively managing our own capital and capital of our clients

  • Babušík Capital's mission is to build a community of courageous individuals who will work together to benefit themselves and society as a whole.

Tomáš Babušík

Co-founder & Head trader

Miloš Kováč

Co-founder, Trader & Business Coach

Ondřej Sedlák

Strategy Provider & Design

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Babušík Capital s.r.o.

Zahradní 1162/5A, 683 01 Rousínov

IČO: 09674586



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