Babušík Capital was founded in the Czech Republic in November 2020 by partners Tomáš Babušík
and Miloš Kováč. At that time, Tomáš Babušík worked for 4 years as a fifinancial consultant and
helped his clients in the fifield of insurance, income protection and investments. From the age of 18,
he was interested in trading on the foreign exchange and capital markets. He got valuable experi-
ence and know-how on how to be profifitable in the markets in the long run. His idea to start a com-
pany was born at this young age, when he wanted to provide his clients with the best service and
the value of his work in the investment world.

The company's second founder, Miloš Kováč, began his career as an aeronautical engineer and held
senior positions in dynamic global organizations such as Honeywell, where he gained experience in
developing new technologies and innovations in the telecommunications and aerospace industries
through 20 years of experience. Since 2012, he has been actively involved in personal development
industry, introducing intuition and Thinking Into Results into his engineering leadership work, in
collaboration with world-class teachers such as Bob Proctor. Today, he helps his clients as their
personal coach and mentor on the way to achieving their goals and visions.

Both founders met almost by accident at an educational event in Prague, where they agreed on a 
joint departure. Today, we believe that the meeting of the two partners was not a coincidence but
lead to the establishment of their company. Miloš started working with Tomáš in the field of his
professional development, as his mentor. After almost 2 years of cooperation, they got an idea that
was in perfect harmony with them and they were determined to implement it. The idea was to
establish an investment company and a start-up incubator under the Babušík Capital brand. And so
in November 2020, a company was established with a great vision and love for what it does.