Tomáš Babušík

Co-founder, Portfolio manager, Trader

The vision of founding Babušík Capital has been growing inside of me over time since I was 18, when I started my business as a financial consultant and began to learn how trading works. Over time and with increasing experience in the field, I have established myself in the idea that I want to provide my clients with very above-standard services. I am convinced that the idea of keeping our capital at least at the rate of inflation is long past its zenith and that the right and effective steps need to be taken to ensure that our clients grow their assets steadily in front of their eyes and thus fulfill their visions and goals. Business is not always easy, and our journey can often be difficult. That is why I am convinced that the main quality that one must have is a steadfast strength of perseverance, which is the cornerstone that paves our way to success.

Miloš Kováč

Co-founder, Trader, Coach

I understand that leveraging intuition to generate insights can be a significant business differentiator. This is the creative side of innovation that is even more important in this ever faster changing world.  I have over 20 years of experience with developing new technologies and innovations in telecommunication and aerospace industries in engineering and technical leadership roles in dynamic global organizations, including Honeywell. I have been inspired to develop the Intuition and Thinking Into Results mindset approach with cooperation of world class teachers like Bob Proctor in my professional and personal life since 2012.

Ondřej Sedlák

Strategy Provider, Graphic design

I have always disliked the corporate system, which was often based on artificial authorities, so I always wanted to be part of a project where every single member has a significant influence and sets the direction. It is important for me to do a high quality of work, which is why I have always tried to connect it with what I enjoy and fulfill. Today, I am proud to be able to support management of the company, both in the field of trading and graphic design, with my extensive knowledge and experience, and thus bring a little color to our black and white world. In my opinion, the most important thing to achieve success is to do ordinary things, extremely well.